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We’re so glad you decided to visit… and right here is where you can glimpse into the history, present and future of WGE and its founders,
Tim and Dee Worley (that’s them in the scrolling header above). To get you started, have a look at this video…

(WARNING: Segments of this video contain graphic images of '80s and '90s hair styles.)



Tim and Dee are committed to helping professionals in every industry harness the same champion qualities they mastered as athletes
through the communications skills they’ve been mastering for over two decades:

Motivational Speaking and Life Skills Consulting (that’s Tim)

Marketing Communications and Business Consulting (that’s Dee)


The company tagline is refuse mediocrity. That pretty much sums up their personalities.

SEC Legend mantle clock (WGE)Championship rings 








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(she specializes in multiple hat wearing).


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