globe_medExecutive / Leadership Coaching is implemented by the best of the best in any industry because they know they can never stop stretching themselves. Sometimes that means getting the vantage point of an objective observer who is committed, but not attached, to a desired outcome.

WGE offers a five-tiered Executive / Leadership Coaching service:


executive_leadership_consultingI.  Initial Consultation 
30-minutes via phone or in-person, as applicable


II.  Research, Goal Assessment, Observation 
Depending on the nature of the consulting work, Observation and Assessment phases span one- to six-weeks.


III.  Weekly Meetings 
Maximum of two meetings per week either via phone or in-person, as applicable


IV.  Post-Meeting Reports 
Written document detailing each meeting, including immediate action items – and deadlines


V.  WGE Action Plan
Thoughtfully crafted written document – created based on WGE’s overall assessment of client’s needs – which includes detailed observations and recommended actions to implement


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*Implementation of WGE Action Plan requires separate contractual agreement