Tim speaking the truth at Weaver Middle School - November 2009Experience is often the best teacher. In Tim’s case, it’s absolute truth, and WGE’s Life Skills Consulting service is the evidence of that truth.

Those familiar with Tim’s story know that he lived many years achieving success, but lacked certain life skills. That lacking of life skills later created a gaping hole in his life immediately after he achieved his ultimate success: being selected as the seventh overall pick in the NFL draft.

Life Skills Consulting

Life Skills ConsultingTim’s ultimate achievement of being a premier running back in the NFL was not fully developed because of what he didn’t know.

Because of the life skills he lacked, he eventually sabotaged his success, which ended his professional football career long before it should have ended.

Today, Tim is a life skills master. Through years of suffering consequences, counseling, re-dedicating his life to God and developing “higher-ground habits,” he helps people in every profession to get out of their own way, stop pressing the “sabotage button” and practically apply principles that produce favorable results in every area of their lives.