A Word About Tim, Dee and Living Waters Ministry

I could use this space to write about what Dee and I have accomplished in our respective careers, but the reality is, we’re just blessed. As a John C. Maxwell-certified Speaker and Life Skills Consultant, and certified Human Behavior Consultant, I get to speak to and consult with some awesome people in ministry, professional sports, amateur sports, corporate America and various other industries. Dee’s a marketing communications BOSS, and the list of global brands, Fortune 500 companies, entertainment industry folks, start-ups and authors whose success she’s had a hand in is, by God’s grace, impressive.


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But that’s not what I really want to talk about here.

What I want you to know is that I know what it means to be on top of the world one minute and in the belly of the beast the next. After drug and alcohol abuse derailed my promising NFL career, I hit my proverbial “bottom” after being tasered, arrested and jailed for 23 days. After years of “straddling the fence,” it was then that I finally surrendered my life to Christ and stepped boldly into my real purpose: imparting spiritual wisdom, practical life skills and character-building tools to help people fulfill their purposes.
Before that though, my wife Dee and I dated for three years from 1988 – 1991. When we met, I was going into my junior year at the University of Georgia, and she was a senior in high school. We met at the practice day of her U.S. Classic gymnastics meet. It just happened to be on the UGA campus. I came to the meet and, she says she was able to date me because she didn’t choke. She made the national team (again) and qualified for USA Championships and, later, the 1988 Olympic Trials. An ankle injury doused her Olympic fire, but a year later, she became the first African-American gymnast in University of Alabama history. I knew what I was doing when I set my sights on her.

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We were the loves of each others’ lives. I was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers as the seventh pick in the first round of the 1989 NFL Draft. Dee won the individual NCAA national all-around championship her freshman year at Bama. We were going strong and,  seemingly, on top of TW - Steelers 1 copy 2the world. But, the temptations that frequently accompany the NFL lifestyle – including women with less-than-honorable intentions – were the fatal blow to our budding relationship. By then, I was also drinking and drugging like a rock star. Dee was, as she puts it, “leveled” by the pain of our split. For the next 18 years, we both limped through life. We didn’t know we were limping because we experienced some successes. But, we were in complete ruin spiritually and emotionally. In 2009, we reconnected. In 2010, we reunited; this time in marriage.

Happy ending, right?


Not at that point it wasn’t.

What we didn’t know when we married in 2010 was that we were two broken people coming together again after 18 years since we’d originally parted ways in 1991. We had both done a lot of living life without each other, and neither of us had healed from the pain of our pasts from all of those years with and without each other. All of that previously buried pain was suddenly resurrecting itself. Little by little, year after year, Dee and I started chipping away at each other. Dee was being confronted with what she calls the “time capsule” of her pain. She’d put all the pain from 1988-1991 away and thrown a lot of dirt on it to avoid having to process the pain. I, on the other hand, had tried to numb my pain and the many losses I’d suffered during and after my NFL career ended with “the fog years” of drugs, alcohol, a doomed-to-fail marriage and women. What resulted from those years was inexplicable rage, recklessness and downright madness for nearly two decades. And, while I’d been clean and sober since 2008, I still had so many unresolved issues, I was literally blinded by them. We both were. We couldn’t see each other anymore. By the beginning of 2016, we came to a major impasse.

Enter Lee and Denise Boggs.Unknown-1

Since February 2016, the nearly indescribable anointing on these two willing vessels first flattened – and then revived – Dee and me from the inside out. Lee and Denise’s commitment to our – and everyone’s – healing is not just dedicated; it’s relentless.

Dee describes it like this:

“Because of her unwavering obedience to the Holy Spirit, Denise is a masterful reader of the human spirit: she’ll read your words, your facial expressions and your body language. She’ll even read the way you walk into a room. She’s way plugged in to the Holy Spirit. I’ve never seen anything like it. What Denise does is different than just listening or hearing. And, when you speak, she allows the Holy Spirit to reveal what’s beyond your words, which has her anointing firing on all cylinders. When Denise is firing on all cylinders, any plans the enemy has to destroy you are literally laughable. With a few gentle (or sometimes not-so-gentle) words, the Holy Spirit uses Denise to zero-in on the deepest, darkest roots – the stuff you really didn’t know about yourself – and lovingly take the axe of God’s Word to them. Then, after the structure has fallen, she curses the roots of your pain just as Jesus cursed the fig tree at its root. Pain gone. Suffering over. Healing received. Meanwhile, Lee is not only establishing godly order and dropping truth bombs that would make Winston Churchill pause in admiration, he’s also providing selfless, continuous, attentive support to Denise, ensuring she’s replenished and perfectly positioned to freely operate in her anointing. Their “dance” is perfected. It’s a jaw-dropping real-life illustration of what God meant when He said, “Two are better than one.” And they just walk it out effortlessly. Lee and Denise are not a standard; they’re the standard.”

There’s not a whole lot I can add to that.ESPN.com story Mailchimp image

Except this: We’re beyond blessed to be partnering with Lee, Denise and Living Waters Ministry. The fact that they’re sowing into us on this level is not just a great honor; it’s a humbling responsibility. We take it very seriously.
We will show ourselves approved.