“Results matter most.” ~Dee Worley

When a brand, company or individual is ready to publicize a product or service through editorial press coverage, that’s when it’s time to implement a tailored public relations (PR) strategy.

Over nearly two decades, Dee has secured editorial coverage for her clients in every media (press) outlet: print (newspaper, magazines, trades), wire, electronic (television, radio, Satellite radio) and Internet. A Wall Street Journal story she secured (on the cover of the Marketplace section) helped a client ink a multi-million dollar film deal with a major Hollywood studio. Another story she secured in USA Today resulted in her clients’ pre-selling a master plan community in southern California.

That’s the power of public relations

WGE’s public relations services include:

~Media training
~Editorial research (ancillary resources required)
~Editorial planning and supervision
~Editorial copy writing
~Editorial contacting (pitching)
~Interview scheduling
~Editorial placement
~Clipping service coordination
~Editorial reports

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