Meet WGE

Tim and Dee blended their entrepreneurial gifts and co-founded Worley Global Enterprises (WGE) in 2009.

WGE is a communications consulting firm.

Dee has been a branding, marketing, public relations (PR), writing and editing specialist for nearly twenty years, and Tim started his motivational speaking and life skills consulting career in 1994 while he was still playing professional football.

WGE has three divisions.

Tim manages the Motivational Speaking division, which heavily focuses on life skills consulting and character / leadership development. Dee manages the Marketing Communications and Business Consulting divisions. Dee also handles all the logistics of Tim’s speaking engagements and Life Skills Consulting, so she’s the point-person for securing his services.


Tim and Dee work well together because they help people win. 
She helps entrepreneurs, authors and businesses of all sizes - and in all markets -  win with a full suite of tested and proven 21st century marketing communications strategies and advanced writing and editing skills. 
He helps individuals and organizations of every type win by delivering customized messages, and teaching his unique school-of-hard-knocks brand of life skills principles with the singular goal of eradicating unproductive thinking patterns.