High school and college are pivotal years for an amateur athlete. It is during those years that most lifelong habits are cemented.

Many high school athletes’ careers end after high school. Most college athletes’ careers end after college.

Tim is an expert regarding what it takes to stay focused and, as he says it, “on the right frequency” as an amateur athlete in today’s intensely competitive athletic environment.

WGE’s motivational speaking service provides high school and collegiate athletes with topic-specific speaking-teaching messages delivered through the filter of Tim’s in-the-trenches experiences, and offers insights on how to prepare for life without sports.

Amateur athletes will receive:

~First-hand-experience leadership tips that can assist in managing the pressure of competing on a grand stage at a young age

~Information on how to transition from level to level 

~Invaluable life skills guidance

~Candid testimony about the pitfalls of fame

~Preparatory advice for successfully transitioning to life without sports

~Opportunities for one-on-one mentoring with individual players
(per coaches / leadership request)

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