Highlight reels and editorial headlines don’t tell the complete story about the life of a professional athlete.

The fact is, the most successful professional athletes in their sports are also the most successful at learning and implementing what works in life. What works is often different from what is instinctive.

Many professional athletes have achieved their positions
by adopting a formula:

~ Goal-setting
~ Hard work
~ The favor of influential people

But what happens once the goal to “make it” is reached?
How does the professional athlete manage the spoils of victory?
Why do so many professional athletes experience failure in every area of their lives?
How does a retired professional athlete manage life after the glory days?

globe_smallWGE’s motivational speaking service for professional athletes and retired professional athletes helps answer these questions. After playing football at one of the nation’s most consistently competitive college programs – and playing for two of the most historic organizations in the NFL – Tim is well-versed on the many challenges professional athletes face on and off the field. His speaking-teaching approach offers the benefits of his first-hand experience battling and conquering these challenges with practical solutions anyone can apply.

Each speaking engagement topic is tailored to address relevant issues as they relate to the audience.

Tim’s faith-based, no-nonsense style resonates with like-minded professional athletes who seek to leverage his wisdom to their advantage.


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