As concerns about moral decline increase, young adult groups and camps are one of the last bastions of good influence.

“Even though I stayed out of trouble in high school, I really could have benefitted from hearing a former athlete talk about what I could expect on the next level, and warn me about the hazards of going down a certain path. Not just vague ‘don’t do drugs’ hazards, but what actually happens when that seed is planted. Maybe I wouldn’t have gone down that path in college and as a pro if I could have heard from someone who had already made those mistakes and suffered the consequences of them.”

~Tim Worley

The high school years are often the last opportunity to cut destructive behavior off at the pass before dire consequences are inevitable.


WGE’s speaking topics for
Young Adult Groups / Camps include:

~Favor vs. favoritism

~No one is exempt from consequences

~Friends vs. fans

motivational speaking

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*WGE motivational speaking engagements for young adult groups / camps 
is applicable to groups age 15-19.