DSC_9769_susanTim Worley

Co-Founder / CEO
Worley Global Enterprises

Everyone loves a good redemption story.

Tim Worley has got one.

Some remember the childhood mega-talent athlete, college superstar, overnight millionaire and sudden fallen star. But, that’s just the peripheral view of a much bigger picture.

He’s considered among the few unusually big, freakishly fast running backs in football. A multi-sport athlete in high school (football, basketball, baseball, track-and-field), an All-American tailback at the University of Georgia, a first-round, seventh-pick in the 1989 NFL Draft and a combined seven years of peaks and valleys playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Chicago Bears comprised the chapters of the “first half” of Tim’s most important ballgame: his life.

“My NFL career is well-documented. All seven years of it – and how I threw it away - was pretty much in plain view for anyone who read the sports section or watched ESPN’s “SportsCenter.” I had no idea who I was, and, overnight, millions of dollars were invested in my talent and in my future. I was the first person in Steelers history to sign a one million dollar signing bonus. The responsibility of delivering a return on that investment and producing winning results is a weight every rookie can relate to. In my case, I didn’t have a clue how to deal with that weight. So, I hit ‘the sabotage button’…over and over again,” he said.

Stronger, Wiser, Better

Welcome to his next chapter…his “second half”: committed husband and father; leadership advocate, community leader; savvy entrepreneur; vessel of wisdom; resilient warrior; living testimony; man of God. Tim has seamlessly transitioned from being known as a one-dimensional athletic talent, to being newly recognized as a powerful school-of-hard-knocks public speaker, mentor, and champion of the underdog.

Tim Worley

The co-founder of Worley Global Enterprises (WGE) with his wife Dee in 2009, Tim travels the country as a motivational speaker and life skills consultant to professional athletes, amateur athletes, corporate executives and organizational leadership, men’s groups, recovery centers and young adult groups and camps.

“I first started speaking to groups when I was still playing ball with the Chicago Bears in 1994. Speaking in front of people terrified me, but it was a condition of the community service I had agreed to after I had gotten into trouble again. I remember (Chicago Bears Senior Director of Business Development) Brian McCaskey telling me I had a future as a motivational speaker way back then. Now, nineteen years later, speaking to large groups is as natural for me as breathing. My goal is always to get to the heartbeat of every crowd: whether I’m speaking to room full of top-level corporate executives, division-one student-athletes or a Christian young adult summer camp. I’m incredibly grateful because God worked for His good everything that nearly destroyed me. It’s humbling to lead and consult others using my life as an example,” he said.

Good Seed Sown

Tim WorleyDeveloping his gift of public speaking and life skills consulting has yielded its share of rewards. Ironically, his current profession has led his football past to revisit him – warmly. Tim was inducted into the 2007 Georgia-Florida Hall of Fame, and inducted into his hometown’s Robeson County Hall of Fame in 2011. He will also be honored by the Southeastern Conference (SEC) as the University of Georgia’s SEC Legend representative at the 2013 SEC championship game. The University of Georgia’s highest-level administration staff unanimously chose him for the prestigious honor, in a humbling show of respect for one of its most storied “’Tween the Hedges” touchdown scorers, and one of its highest NFL draft picks in any position.

Tim also contributed the foreword to Georgia football historian Patrick Garbin’s 2012 published book, I Love Georgia – I Hate Florida, and he has contributed to his local community by participating in events hosted by the local police department, public school system, economically challenged special interest groups and working as a Mentor Coordinator with the Boys and Girls Clubs of North Alabama. Since contributing the foreword to Garbin’s book, he’s been bitten by the writing bug, and is honing his writing skills by contributing regularly to the official WGE blog with candid, insightful commentary on hot-button topics. He plans to write and publish his autobiography in the coming months.

In addition to acting as CEO of Worley Global Enterprises, Tim also serves as a Chaplain at the Downtown Rescue Mission in Huntsville, Alabama.

Most recently, Tim has developed two Life Skills Consulting Programs – one for NCAA student-athletes and one for NFL athletes. The programs focus on life skills development and character building based on the many challenges he faced in his amateur and professional football career. Tim administered the NFL program to the 2014 Tennessee Titans rookies, and he is in the process of proposing his programs to NCAA conferences and all 32 NFL teams.

Tim's NFL Life Skills Consulting program - and his life skills blog series for NFL rookies - has generated national media attention, and was featured in a July 2014 ESPN.com article.

Those who have heard Tim speak and benefitted from his life skills consulting have been visibly and spiritually altered with the same awe-stricken enthusiasm as the thousands who watched him run the football. It’s a gift for which he doesn’t take credit, and a skill he carefully and intentionally develops.

Tim sums it up best: “I always thought the greatest things I could offer people involved playbooks, weight rooms, and crossing goal lines. And I’m always humbled when people tell me they were inspired by the way I played football. But what’s funny is, the blessing of seeing a heart changed and a mind renewed to life skills that work to an individual’s advantage gives me a bigger rush than any touchdown I’ve ever scored.”