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Why Do Athletes Press The Sabotage Button?

If you’ve heard me speaking on stage, in a media interview or on my radio show, you’ve heard me talk about pressing the sabotage button (when I was playing ball with the Steelers and the Bears). My sabotage button of choice involved drugs, alcohol and women. But the sabotage button can show up in many forms with athletes. Let’s examine a few of them, and explore why the sports world still has its fair share of people who didn’t learn from others’ failures.

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How a Fatherless Generation Affects the NCAA and the NFL

An athlete’s character has always been a big factor in how their life goes, but there has never been a time (at least not in my lifetime) when an athlete’s character has been on 24-hour display. We have the Internet, social media and extremely inquisitive reporters to thank for that, but mostly, those on display (in a negative way) have only themselves to thank. When all is said and done – and when negative news hits the Twitterverse – those who are in the headlines are there because they’ve put themselves there.

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