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Tim speaks about multiple “hot button” topics that help refine the tools of leaders and leaders-in-the-making. His speaking topics offer more than a cautionary-tale testimonial about the hard knocks he endured on and off the NCAA and NFL gridiron. Instead, he crafts customized “iron sharpens iron” messages that facilitate lasting, positive change - rather than a fleeting “feel-good” moment - for every client and audience.

Tim is a life skills master-in-progress. After years of developing “higher-ground habits,” he helps people in every profession to get out of their own way, stop pressing the “sabotage button” and practically apply principles that produce favorable results in every area of their lives. He’s more than a good communicator; he’s an effective one. When he speaks - whether on the stage or on the page - people receive an internal call-to-action, are motivated to turn around fast enough to see themselves and are equipped with the tools required to make sustainable changes and enjoy desired outcomes.